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Just imagine being able to put every single event, emotion or thought into music. What would pure happiness sound like to you? Or if your maths lessons had a musical soundtrack, what would they be like? Over the past few hundred years, some amazing people – living lives just like you – have turned their thoughts and experiences into music. You can find out about some of them by clicking on their names and pictures below.


Ludwig van Beethoven rewrote the rule book, producing nine incredible symphonies that changed the face of music forever.

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Southbank Sinfonia | Beethoven


American maverick Leonard Bernstein was one of the biggest characters music has ever seen! Composer, conductor, performer, teacher… you name it, he did it.

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Southbank Sinfonia | Bernstein


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: one of the greatest musical superstars in the history of the world.

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Southbank SInfonia | Mozart


Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote a massive range of music, from beautiful pieces just for strings to giant, explosive (literally!) masterpieces for huge orchestras.

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