Obbligato Friends

David & Liz Abraham
Sarah Adair & Simon Shaps
Sally Banks
Derek Bevan
Sir Stanley Burnton
Anthea Cecil
Christopher Clarke
Peter Collier
Gillian Comins
Rt Hon Baroness Corston
Harriet Denne
Prof Mike Dunn
Connie Freeman
Paul Gerhardt & Patsy Youngstein
Ted Greeno
Prof Mark Hill QC
Lynn Holmes
Glenn Hurstfield
Andrew Jackson
David & Beatrice Lihou
Caryl Longley
Robert Keeling
Ann Marsh
Tony & Lucy McCullagh
Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall
Shiona Monfries
Philip & Dorothy Murphy
Julie Nicholls
Dr & Mrs N Vass
Philip & Julia Whiteman

We also acknowledge and thank those supporters who wish to remain anonymous.