In the Community - Southbank Sinfonia

In the Community

While Southbank Sinfonia is poised to take its unique brand of inspiration wherever the need is greatest, the orchestra – true to its name – has always been dedicated to connecting with young people in our immediate locality, in disadvantaged Lambeth and Southwark communities. Here we can be consistently visible and plan long term ventures which give participants a growing sense of involvement year on year.

Free Rush Hour Concerts

Opportunities to explore classical music for free with our Rush Hour concerts, open to all.

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Rush Hour Concerts - Southbank Sinfonia

Young People

By virtue of their youth, talent and energy, our players are well placed to be great role-models to young people.

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Young People - Southbank Sinfonia

Cooltan Arts

Cooltan Arts is a charity working with mentally distressed and mentally ill adults in the local area. In 2013, we created a project in which our players worked with such members of the community in workshops and performances.

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SE1 United

SE1 United is an action group run by and for the young people resident in the local area, establishing creative opportunities for them to express themselves. We are working together to mutually inspire, including through costume design in the Waterloo Festival.

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