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PASSPORT: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Southbank Sinfonia is all about young professional musicians. Every year we have 32 players with an average age of just 25! If you saw them in the street without their instruments, you’d think they were just like any other young person off to meet friends, hang out, party and generally cause trouble! It wouldn’t be until you started to talk to them about music or they picked up their instruments and started to play that you’d realise you’d run into someone very special indeed!

Did you know that the same was true of Mozart?

He was one of the most extraordinary musicians ever to have lived and wrote his first symphony at just 8 years old, having already toured all over Europe playing the piano. However, he was also just a young man living a fun-filled life with ordinary problems and a cheeky sense of humour. Like we tease different sections of the orchestra today (what’s your favourite viola joke?), he did too and once quipped: “What’s even worse than a flute? – Two flutes!”.

Just like any strong-headed teenager, he had a mind of his own and was clear that he didn’t care what anyone else thought about his music. Mozart would simply do as he pleased!

“I pay no attention whatsoever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.” 

He was also one for the ladies, a handsome young superstar at the piano. In his own words: “If I were obliged to marry all the girls with whom I have jested I should have at least 200 wives.”

Hear one of Mozart’s most famous pieces, his Symphony No.40, played by Southbank Sinfonia in the video below.

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