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What better way to kickstart your family’s weekend than with our new-look Family Concerts in London, jam-packed with fuel for the imagination?

Featuring a full orchestra, they mix live musical performance with specially created videos, sounds and theatrical lighting that immerse children and adults alike in an inspiring orchestral world.

Over three concerts through the year, join us on an adventure led by the players themselves and find out just what’s so exciting about classical music. After each concert, you’ll also have the chance to meet our friendly musicians and try out some of their instruments in the Cadogan Hall foyer.

These concerts are ideal for children aged  5 – 11 years, but parents and grandparents have just as much fun too!

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Next Family Concert

Saturday 17 October 2015 | 11.00am

Have you ever wondered what happens when an orchestra tries to play WITHOUT a conductor? In our next Family Concert, we’ll be doing exactly that as the musicians themselves take control. But how do they keep the music together? Join us and find out as every flick of the head, raising of an eyebrow or split-second of eye contact changes the direction the music takes.

To make the challenge even greater, we’ll be performing Prokofiev’s sparkling, cheeky and devilishly difficult ‘Classical’ Symphony. Bouncing along with energy, it’s full of musical mischief just waiting to be explored.

Prokofiev Symphony No.1 ‘Classical’

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From our last Family Concert…

It’s all around you…
The ingredients that make up a symphony are all around us. Where, you ask? Well, take a look…

Who was Beethoven?
Watch our players as they speculate just who the great composer was, and what he might have been like.

Part genius, part grump
Find out more about Beethoven’s life, music and turbulent personality here.