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Get a taste of Anghiari from our videos, photographs and blogs from previous festivals.

Video: Verdi Requiem

The finale of 2015 was marked by a performance of Verdi’s colossal Requiem, the largest event in the festival’s history. It featured an orchestra of 65, soloists from the Royal Opera House and chorus that brought together singers from Anghiari, the UK and beyond.

Video: Progressivo

A highlight of the 2015 Anghiari Festival was the Progressivo, with great chamber music in stunning locations as the audience wound their way through this ancient Tuscan hill-town. With each piazza came a new ensemble and a fresh arena in which to experience their performance, as music enveloped the whole town.


Photographs really cannot do justice to the incredible vistas and atmosphere of Anghiari and its surroundings, but our gallery of pictures from the festival provides a hint as to what awaits in Tuscany in July.

In words

Find out more about the sights, sounds and smells of Anghiari, and the logistics of running a music festival in Tuscany, by reading our blogs written during the festival.

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